Airofit training aids recovery from Covid-19 infections & Long Covid

February 27, 2022

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While the Airofit breathing trainer might assist with respiratory issues, Airofit is not a medical device nor made for treating illness.

Airofit aids recovery from Covid-19 infections & Long Covid

The Airofit training system evolved from a medical device, invented to help people dealing with COPD and asthma. As a company we have always been driven by the desire to improve breathing and increase global awareness of the benefits of breath training. From those dealing with the effects of chronic illness, to elite athletes seeking world records, the system delivers improved lung function that you can feel and measure.

People have seen significant improvements in their breathing after just a few weeks of training with our technology, and thanks to the Airofit Pro, people can track their improvements over time in the app.

Covid-19 and Long Covid impacts on quality of life

Milder Covid infections may be no worse than a cold or seasonal flu. But many people are experiencing more severe, long-term health problems, including serious fatigue, and a major reduction in their lung capacity. Formerly fit and active people are suddenly out of breath just going up a few stairs, walking the dog or playing with their kids in the park. With Airofit’s expertise in RMT (Respiratory Muscle Training), we were naturally curious to see if we could be of help to them.

For many people affected by Covid and long Covid, the science is still evolving. Effective treatments and new drugs are still being developed and trialed. But in the short-term, many are looking for quick, easy interventions to improve their quality of life. Chest physiotherapy can be an important part of the recovery process, and IMT – Inspiratory Muscle Training – which is one part of RMT, is recommended by experts, as well as being further evaluated in new studies, to see just how effective it could be in the rehabilitation of Covid patients’ breathing muscles and lung function.

Cathrine’s story

Cathrine was hospitalized twice after contracting Covid 19. For this fit and active 26-year-old it meant a huge reduction in life quality.

“The biggest difference for me now compared to before I trained with Airofit is that I have reduced the symptoms of long Covid. And it has increased my well-being significantly!”

Click here to read about Cathrine’s experience of post-covid recovery using Airofit training, and how it has helped her on the long road to recovery.

The experts’ view

There is strong evidence to support the use of RMT – respiratory Muscle Training – as part of the post Covid recovery process. The benefits seen in people with COPD and asthma are increasingly repeated in cases of Covid-19 and Long Covid. It is, of course, not a cure or a substitute for expert medical care, and any training plan involving RMT should be discussed with a physician.

According to the World Health Organization, “Rehabilitation for Patients with Lung Impairment after COVID-19 should include increasing exercise and fitness which can be aided by Respiratory Muscle Training (RMT). RMT can improve breathing through reducing the effort required by the body as it breathes.”

IMT – Inspiratory Muscle Training is one aspect of the Airofit system, which allows users to breath against adjustable resistance on both the in breath and out breath. A recent study into the benefits if IMT focused on people who had been severely affected by Covid and required mechanical ventilation in the ICU. Their conclusion: “A 2-week IMT improves pulmonary functions, dyspnea, functional performance, and QOL in recovered intensive care unit (ICU) COVID-19 patients after consecutive weaning from mechanical ventilation. IMT program should be encouraged in the COVID-19 management protocol, specifically with ICU patients.” 1

The benefits of breath training

There are well-documented benefits for breath resistance training with athletes, and people with COPD and asthma, so it makes perfect sense that it might help those with Covid-related breathing difficulties. So far, the results look promising, and we’re gathering more data and case studies to confirm the benefits of using Airofit as part of a Covid recovery program.

How might IMT – Inspiratory Muscle Training – be of benefit in Covid recovery? This graph shows the change our general users have achieved taking the Airofit lung test with resistance after Week 1 and again after Week 4 for different age groups.

If our users are seeing a substantial increase in our measurement of accessible lung capacity – at least 30%, then clearly there could be great potential in using IMT to aid post-Covid recovery.

You can read further details about our results and the potential benefits of Airofit training in a follow-up article (Part 2)

A cause for hope

The pandemic has been tough for everyone, but for people like Cathrine, dealing with the long-term effects of Covid infection, it’s been an uphill struggle to regain their health and quality of life.

The feedback we’re receiving from users who have tried Airofit training to aid in their recovery has been overwhelmingly positive.

We are hopeful that as medical science advances, and we gain a better understanding of Covid-19 and long Covid, there will be new treatments available to help those affected. In the meantime, the use of breath training techniques and technology could offer significant benefits in respiratory rehabilitation. If you are considering trying Airofit training as part of your recovery program, please first consult with your doctor.

*Statements regarding breathing trainer have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.