3 tips to treat your hay fever without medicine

hay fever
April 21, 2023

While the Airofit breathing trainer might assist with respiratory issues, Airofit is not a medical device nor made for treating illness.

Do you know the desperate feeling of itchy eyes, constant sneezing and runny nose during the pollen season? Your hay fever (a.k.a. seasonal allergy, pollen allergy, allergic rhinitis) causes inflammation of your respiratory airways and more mucus is produced to trap the pollen particles. Your airways narrow and it’s almost impossible for you to breathe. 

Your immune system is working overtime, trying to relieve you from the symptoms. This may cause a tension in your body resulting in crappy days with low energy levels, unstable mood and lack of sleep. 

Say Goodbye to your hay fever fatigue

Do you in general feel exhausted and tired? Are you losing the motivation to complete your favorite activities? Or do your emotions change unpredictably?
– Then you may be experiencing the allergy fatigue. 

This is often a side effect of having a blocked nose, which goes hand-in-hand with poor sleep quality. Due to allergies that irritate your nasal passages, your ability to breathe is compromised, especially at night. You’ll end up breathing with your mouth and snoring, which significantly decreases your sleep quality. Being well-rested is what you need, especially during an allergy season.

Don’t worry! We’ve collected a few tips that can help you fix your allergy fatigue.

The answer is BREATHING

According to the Internet the most effective way to manage your allergy is to avoid the allergen. Well, thanks, but not practical!
The science, however, mentions that focusing on your breathing can help reduce the stress level of your nervous system and lower the amount of histamine in your body. Histamines are the culprit causing you symptoms such as itching or sneezing.
Another study adds evidence that a breath training of just 20 minutes a day results in a significant reduction of allergy related symptoms.

Optimal, slow and deep breathing can calm your nervous system down and give you the desired night rest. Furthermore, it can strengthen your lungs, keep them open which will increase your overall immune strength and let your body produce more energy to help you get back to your active and joyful self.

3 tips to get rid of your hay fever

Simple, effective and drug-free. Exercises and recommendations designed by the worlds’ leading breathing experts are awaiting you. 

1. Nasal washes

Before practicing a breathing exercise or whenever you feel nasal congestion or excess mucus, clean your nose in a natural way. Dr. Mike Maric, in his book “The Science of Breathing”, shares a perfect drug-free recipe: 

“Boil half a liter of water and as it cools, dissolve a little less than a level teaspoon of cooking sea salt in it. Once the water has reached a temperature close to that of the body, 36°-37 °C, you can start irrigating the nostrils.
Use a small syringe, naturally without the needle, injecting the water first into one nostril and then into the other” 

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2. Diaphragmatic breathing

Breathing from the “belly” rather than from the chest will help you strengthen the major breathing muscle – diaphragm, decreasing your body’s oxygen needs and slow your nervous system down. That’s the key to relieving your hay fever symptoms. An optimized respiratory system will help you breathe easier, provide you with more energy daily and let you sleep like a baby.

A smart trainer like Airofit will teach you how to practice diaphragmatic breathing effortlessly from the comfort of your sofa. Practice 5-10 minutes a day and treat your allergy in just a few weeks.

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3. Alternating nostril breathing

This technique cleans the nasal duct and increases the absorption of nitrogen monoxide. Additionally, it offers an incredible panorama of benefits, from stress and anxiety management to increased concentration and attention, treating allergy and Asthma symptoms.

  1. Sit in a relaxed position
  2. Bring the right hand towards the face, placing the thumb on the right nostril, index and middle fingers on the forehead, ring and little fingers on the left nostril, and the right elbow pressed to the right side.
  3. Plug the right nostril with your thumb by performing a slow, silent, and deep exhalation from the left nostril, at the end of which immediately begin a slow and deep inhalation. 
  4. At the end of this inhalation, plug both nostrils for less than a second, then
  5. Leaving the left nostril blocked with the ring and little finger, move the thumb freeing the right nostril and perform a slow, silent, and deep exhalation, which will be followed by a slow inhalation always and only through the left nostril. 
  6. At the end of the inhalation, plug both nostrils for less than a second and repeat 5x
exercise plan

Remember, these simple 3 tips will take you only 5-10 minutes a day. Try them out, reduce your allergy symptoms and say ‘Goodbye’ to hay fever fatigue. 

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Customer Darryll